The Win a Holiday giveaway is for people who entered the bike v’s horse Win a Holiday competition in January 2019.

Just to recap…

Thank you to all those that entered the Win A Holiday Giveaway in January.  To give everyone an equal chance of winning we emailed all the entrants of the Win A Holiday Giveaway on Wednesday 13th Feb with a group colour (red, blue or yellow).  In the filmed FIRST draw the RED GROUP are selected at random.  The red group are going through to the next draw to win a holiday. There will only be one winner!

The Winner gets a luxury 3 night break for two in The Arches.

We’ll email the entrants in the blue and yellow group that haven’t got through the first draw with an update. We’ll also email entrants who have got through to the next round with an update on what’s next.

Exciting times ahead for one lucky winner!  Stay tuned x