‘Horsing around at Lindores’ brings two sporting industries together for a race and collaboration never seen before. Globally recognised mountain biker Danny MacAskill races one of Britains top horse riding eventers Louisa Milne Home all for a bit of light hearted fun. Danny is riding his Santa Cruz 5010 and Louisa is riding Future Plans in what can only be described as engaging and entertaining and set amongst stunning panoramic views from Lindores, Fife.

Watch cheeky riding from both Danny and Louisa, they are tasked with jumping fences designed normally for Lindores Equestrian training but for the first time ever Lindores closes its doors to measure peddle power v’s horse power.

The Race

Anna & Richard Black, Managers of the diversified farm, which is also a sporting retreat where holiday guests stay, ride and relax wanted to set a new challenge. The new challenge brought together two famous riders and tasked them over 40cm to 90cm fence heights, up and over grass covered fields. The fences in the race are varied, colourful and fun with the likes of a converted old stone bothy, whisky barrels, red cottage, green beehive and two level bank getting in their way.

The Final Fence

The final fence in the race is the Danny MacAskill key hole fence which is a whopping 6 metre high structure designed and built by David Wilson a British Eventing course builder. Why? Braeside of Lindores Farm, was the film location for Red Bulls -Wee Day Out film. It witnessed three days of Danny falling about 400 times. He crashed, screamed and laughed attempting what he described as ‘the silliest trick he’d ever done on a bike’ – he tried to bike ride a rolling hay bale down a hill.

Well, Anna Black was so inspired by Danny’s determination, resilience, humility, and guts she wondered if the horse riders that she watches train and holiday at Lindores daily were made of the same stuff… well now we know.

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There has also been a series on STV The Hour programme which covered Farming Life at Braeside of Lindores Farm over all four seasons of the year. This was filmed in 2014 and the coverage isn’t available online but if you wanted to see farming life live then simply holiday at Lindores, the family love welcoming guests.