Read our suggested itineraries for a 3 day stay at Lindores.


After settling into your accommodation and stabling the night before both horses and riders should be relaxed but ready for the day ahead!


AM – Walk down to the farm enjoying the sun rising over the hills and check your horses are comfortable with water and hay.  Walk back to home for a little breakfast and planning before saddling up for a hack.  It’s nice to hack around the farms 650acres to get your bearings and also experience the different terrain, views and wildlife.

PM – After lunch and a rest why not visit Lindores Abbey Distillery 2 miles away for a tour. Learn about the Battle of Blackearnside where William Wallace beat the English – the battle was over the very land you were riding on on in the morning.   Make your own aqua vitae and enjoy a tea and scone before heading back to the farm for some riding in the enclosed grass show jumping paddock.


AM – Experience the cross-country course for the 90minute hire you booked in advance, you may also have hired a local instructor so you get the most out of your time here.  There are over 120 fences of heights varying from 30cm to 1m+ to suit all levels of horses and riders.  The course is over 85 acres so there may be other bookings on the course at the same time but it there is plenty of space for everyone.  

PM – Settle the horses in for the afternoon and take time to enjoy the local area. Drive to St Andrews for an afternoon of culture, shopping and dinner. Sometimes an evening ride is a nice relaxing way to enjoy your time away together so if you’re in the mood saddle up again, the equestrian facilities are open during daylight hours.


AM – Have a lazy morning then get back on the saddle for Lindores Cross Country course to practice and progress.  You may have learnt some new tools from the instructor the day before or you may just want to try and jump the fence you couldn’t jump the day before.  Either way it’s just a great playground with no competitive pressures. 

PM – Now you’ve definitely earned some time in the hot tub.  Kick back, relax, chat and play in the garden before getting ready for dinner out.  There are a few different options locally but because it’s the last night we think a nice scenic drive along the Tay to The View restaurant in Wormit for a traditional Scottish meal would suit kids or adults.


After settling into your accommodation the night before you’ll be eager to experience Whisky, Wallace & Walking!

AM – Take a short 2 mile drive to Lindores Abbey Distillery where you can get a tour of the visitor centre learning the Abbey history following the footsteps of Royals and William Wallace who defeated the English at the battle of Blackearnside at the back of Lindores Hill.  Then continue the tour around the huge copper stills and learn about the unique production of Lindores Whisky.  It’s the only distillery in Scotland with full wheelchair access so great for all.  We suggest you stay for lunch and a dram.  Check their events calendar – there could be the opportunity to make your own aqua vitae to take home.

PM – In the afternoon why not head back to Lindores for a relaxing soak in your hot tub before supper and an evening stroll up Lindores Hill   You could watch the sun setting down the River Tay and Highlands.  We think it’s a beautiful peaceful experience.

A day and evening in St Andrews – well we think you’ll need the full day, it has so much to offer.

AM –  Drive 30minutes to St Andrews. First stop the Cathedral with magnificent medieval ruins that stand on a site used for Christian worship since the 8th century when the relics of St Andrew were reputedly brought here. Walk along the cobbled streets visiting shops, art galleries, the Castle, golf museum and the University where Prince William and Kate met.

Eat in any sort of cuisine – the town has plenty of cafes, restaurants or you could take a picnic to the West Sands Beach where Chariots of Fire was filmed.

PM – There are two distilleries near St Andrews you could visit, both hugely popular and open 7 days a week Kingsbarns Distilleryand Eden Mill which you pass through on route to St Andrews.  Have a look at their websites and see which you think is best.


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