Lindores landscape changes for the better

This has been a historical week for our farm in Fife. To add to our animal kingdom we are delighted to introduced to you four female Highland Cows who arrived with us on Monday 27th November 2023. Our new herd are all pregnant and expecting Highland Cow calves in spring 2024!!

David Soutar Former Estate Manager for the late Queen Mothers Glamis Castle exchanges the Lindores Fold to our Richard

I’m not going to pretend that we were not a little nervous welcoming these beauties – have you seen the Highland Cow’s horns!!

I’m Anna, farmer Richards wife and as I write this little update I have had a week of worry. The idea of welcoming Highland Cows to Lindores all stemmed from our holiday houses and BBQ cabin guests feedback. Many of our international guests travel around bonnie Scotland looking to find Highlanders but they’re often not easy to find. So, we’re making it easier because we’re located in between Edinburgh and St Andrews, two holiday hot spots! With our constant ambition to improve our guest experiences, our idyllic countryside setting and decades of stock management skills we’ve invested! I need not have worried – the herd have settled on the farm and are relaxing into their countryside retreat and enjoying their new home, we’re all very fond of them.

What are their names?

Our coo’s official names are not easy to shout across the fields for a photo opportunity; so we’ve decided to ask our followers on social to help us name our herd. Their official names are:

  • Baravalla Uasail Dubh 2nd of Strathellie
  • Baravalla Uasail Amelie of Strathellie
  • Ban Rights 2nd of Strathellie
  • Lussa 3rd of Strathellie

You see? Not the easiest to pronounce such grandeur. They are from extremely good blood lines and we’ve bought cautiously from one of the most respected breeders in then country, David Soutar. David was former Estate Manager of Glamis Castle. We listened to him tell tales of his life with Highlands since he was a young lad – it was clear David LOVES them and has nurtured them to be calm, gentle giants.

How old are they?

Our ladies are three years old and had calves last spring. So we know their going to be good mothers in 2024 when their calves are born naturally in the fields.

What do they eat?

We are a circular farm with low waste so what the cows eat is local. They eat our grass and we’ve been advised to feed our ladies daily so they get used to us, our vehicles and their surroundings. We supplement their grazing with ‘draff’ which is a protein – originally our Lindores malting barley grown on the farm. The malting barley grains have been through the whisky production process next door at Lindores Abbey Distillery to become ‘draff’. Don’t be fooled their isn’t any alcohol content in the draff – there will be no hiccuping Highlands! Our coo’s also eat haylage which is cut grass, grown in our fields and wrapped into bales for handling.

Can guests meet the Highland Cows?

Yes! Our ladies are settling into their new surroundings and we’re getting to know their characters. So at the moment we’re hoping to formalise how you can visit the cows safely while staying in our lodges or having lunch in The Hide. Only once we know our Highlander are happy to be photographed and are settled will be formalise how you can book. One thing is for sure, it won’t be a walking tour and will be safe and driven.

How to get updates?

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